Administrative Committees

  1. Course coordinator
  2. Module coordinator
  3. Programme coordinator
  4. Programme assessment committee
  5. Department advisory board / committee
  6. Internal quality assurance cell (IQAC)

The functions of these administrative systems are:

Course coordinator

  1. Either one of the senior faculty members who teaches common courses (if any) otherwise individual faculty will be the course coordinator.
  2. Monitors and reviews the activities related to attainment of course outcomes.

Module coordinator

  1. Coordinates and supervises the faculty teaching the courses in the module/common courses.
  2. Responsible for assessment of the course outcomes in the module.
  3. Recommends and facilitates workshops, faculty development programs, meetings or conferences to meet the course outcomes of various courses in the module.
  4. Analyzes results of various courses in the module and recommends the Programme coordinator and/or Head of the Department to take appropriate action.
  5. Liaises with students, faculty, programme coordinator and Head of the Department to determine priorities and policies.

Programme coordinator

  1. Interacts and maintains liaison with key stake holders: students, faculty, Department Head and employer.
  2. Monitors and reviews the activities of each semester in the programme independently with course coordinators.
  3. Schedules programme / work plan in accordance with specifications of programme objectives and outcomes.
  4. Oversees daily operations and coordinates activities of programme with interrelated activities of other programs, departments or staff to ensure optimum efficiency and compliance with appropriate policies, procedures and specifications given by principal and HOD.
  5. Conducts and interprets various surveys required to assess POs and PEOs.

Programme Assessment Committee (PAC)

  1. Programme Assessment Committee consists of Programme Coordinator, Module Coordinator and faculty representatives.
  2. Chaired by Programme Coordinator, the committee monitors the attainment of POs and PEOs.
  3. Evaluates Programme effectiveness and proposes necessary changes for continuous improvement.
  4. Prepares periodic reports/records on programme activities, progress, status or other special reports for management and key stakeholders.
  5. Motivates the faculty and students towards attending workshops, developing projects, working models, paper publications and research.
  6. Interacts with students, faculty, Programme Coordinators, Module Coordinator and outside/community agencies (through their representation) in facilitating programme educational objectives.
  7. PAC meets at least once in 6 months to review the programme and submit report to Department Advisory Board.

Department Advisory Board (DAB)

  1. DAB consists of head of the department, programme coordinator, and the representatives of key stake holders.
  2. DAB, chaired by the head of the department, receives the report of the Programme Assessment Committee and monitors the progress of the programme.
  3. DAB analyses on current and future issues related to programmes.
  4. Develops and recommends new or revised programme goals and objectives.
  5. DAB meets atleast once in a year to review the Programmes.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

  1. IQAC consists of various Programme Coordinators, Head of the departments, Head of the institution, faculty and student representatives.
  2. Chaired by IQAC Coordinator who is nominated by the head of the institution, the cell monitors the attainment of vision and mission of the institute.
  3. Evaluates attainment of vision and mission of the various departments and proposes necessary changes for continuous improvement.