Building Committee

A team of staff members have been assigned from 2017 onwards to guide and monitor the discharging duties for the sustainment of healthy college infrastructure

Committee Members

Dr.P.Sathiya Bama
Associate Professor & Head of Zoology
Associate Professor & Head of Geography
Assistant Professor & Head of Maths
Dr.M.Ethel Poline
Assistant Professor of Zoology


  • Under the supremo of principal,committee serves as decision making body in planning,assigning and executing in construction of new buildings
  • They involve in scheduling time table and allotment of class rooms for all departments
  • They suggest and supervise the maintenance and repair work carried out by public works department
  • Participate and promote an eco friendly campus for students and also in conserving natural resources of water recharge bed
  • Periodical renovation and rejuvenation of building for a good ambience is being done

Fund Allocation For Construction Of New Buildings

Year Amount Allocated (in Rs.) Details Of Construction Work Completion
MGR Centenary fund
Rs. 4,80,00000
22 class rooms
4 laboratories
Completed and in utilization
7 class rooms
1 laboratory
Works yet to be started

Annual Maintenance And Repair

Year Amount Allocated (in Rs.) Work Completion
CivilWorks (in Rs.)
Electrical Works (in Rs.)
Total Amount (in Rs.) Completed and in utilization
16,00000 5,00000 21,00000
15,00000 5,00000 20,00000 Yet to be started

Future Perspectives/Plans

  • Effort is being put forth to construct a well equipped multipurpose auditorium with a seating capacity of 3000 students.
  • Request is made to allocate funds for construction of new class rooms and library wing
  • Proposal has been submitted for construction of new canteen block
  • Requisition has been submitted for sanctioning of separate fund for establishing HEAVY LOAD TRANSFORMER to supply high kilowatt electrical energy.