Remedial Coaching



Becomes difficult to stop the drop out when slow learners are not paid proper attention in their academic life. As an essential part of educational pedagogy and educational psychology, slow learners should be diagnosed with their problems and should be provided with proper remedies.  Considering this vital fact, college has taken effective initiative to stop the drop out by bringing slow learners in the main stream of academic life.

It is regular academic process of the college to facilitate slow learners with remedial coaching related to difficult topics from the curriculum.  Basic concepts are repeated and discussed so that they can get good command over them. It helps in their comprehension of overall curriculum.

UGC formally provided financial assistance for this in 11th Plan (2007-2012). It is still regular activity in the college. Remedial Coaching is provided free of cost to the slow learners irrespective of their social and financial status.


  • Empowering the slow learner to keep pace with academic challenges.


  • To bring the slow learners together with good learners.
  • To provide the remedy to the academic problems of the slow learners.

  Aim and Objectives:

  • To give special attention to the problems of slow learners.
  • To improve academic performance of the slow learners.
  • To improve the academic skills and linguistic proficiency of the students in various subjects
  • To raise their level of comprehension of basic subjects to provide a stronger foundation for further academic work
  • To strengthen their knowledge skills and attitudes in such subjects, where quantitative and qualitative techniques and laboratory activities are involved so that the necessary guidance and training provides under the programme may enable the student to come up to level necessary for pursuing higher studies efficiently
  • To prepare students belonging to SC / ST for competitive exams


  • Semester wise planning of the remedial coaching
  • Fifteen days per semester
  • Continuous activity irrespective of financial assistance of UGC.

  Teaching Learning Resources

  • Special Section of books in Central Library of the college.
  • Audio-Video Lectures
  • E-books
  • PDF Books


  • Increase in students’ confidence and competence level.
  • Better apprehension and comprehension of difficult topics.
  • Students can interact with other quick learners without any hesitation.